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By car, train, bus, or bike

We regularly update you on information regarding both the local traffic situation and detours. You can comfortably arrive at Adršpach by train or bus. Both stops are located a short way from the entrance to the City of Rocks. You can also use our bike maps and cycle your way to the park.

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Parking areas

By not parking outside the car park, you can help take care of our nature.

Parking can now be paid online. Did you know that Adršpach-Teplice Rocks are a state nature reserve? Protect them with us. Only park in the designated car parks and follow the instructions of any attendants and authorized persons.


We recommend planning your visit with enough forethought so you can enjoy your time as much as possible. Try also travelling here by train or bus. Did you know that the train and bus stop is located a short way from the entrance to the City of Rocks?

Follow the instructions

  • Follow the traffic situation
  • Use alternative modes of transportation
  • Do not park outside the car parks
  • Always make room for emergency services
  • Follow all instructions and commands


1. 4. – 31. 10.
High season EN
1. 4. – 31. 10.
High season
1. 11. – 31. 3.
Low season
1. 11. – 31. 3.
Low season
Personal vehicle, motorcycle150 Kč/day200 Kč/day50 Kč/day50 Kč/day
Bus, caravan, RV, cars300 Kč/day350 Kč/day100 Kč/day100 Kč/day
The listed price list for parking is valid from 7am to 9pm. An hourly rate 100 czk/hour is applied overnight from 9pm to 9am. 

By train

Plan an unforgettable journey by train, free of queues and wait times. The track passes through the scenic valley and a panorama of the rocks can already be seen from great distances. Did you know that the train station is situated directly in front of the entrance to the park?

By bike

Several bike paths lead directly to the Adršpach Rocks. Visitors may store their bikes in the bike room located near the entrance to the park. The hiking trail through the rocks is for pedestrians only.

Bike path I. (Blue)

The path largely follows bike path no. 4036. It will mostly take you along paved field and forest paths as well as Class III roads. A large portion of the path goes around the Adršpach-Teplice Rocks, offering beautiful views of the park and scenic surrounding nature. The path has a medium difficulty level, and you can also bring your children here. If you would like to shorten your journey, simply get on the train in Teplice and ride it back to Adršpach.

Bike path II.

This bike path is part of the first bike path. By cycling along bike path no. 22 from Teplice nad Metují, you’ll make your way along the formations, all the way to the entrance of the Adršpach Rocks. The path isn’t difficult and you can also bring your children along with you. After arriving in Adršpach, you can store your bike in the bike room near the entrance to the park and make your way through the rocks on foot. Or you can shorten the journey and go by train to Teplice nad Metují.

Bike path III. (Green)

From Broumov, pass through the towns of Hejtmánkovice and Jetřichov on your way to Meziměstí. Once here, the bike path continues across the border crossing in Starostín. The path will now lead you in the direction of the Polish town of Mieroszów and, after 4 kilometres, take a left at the crossroads leading towards Zdoňov along bike path no. 4020. Once you’ve passed through Zdoňov, you’ll find another crossroads, where you’ll turn left towards Adršpach.

Bike path IV.

The bike path starts in Adršpach, from where you will ride along bike path no. 22 towards Teplice nad Metují. Continue along bike path no. 4036 to Jiráskovy skály, then along bike path no. 4003 to Vápenka. From here, you’ll head down bike path no. 4020, which will take you to Adršpach. This path will mostly lead you down side streets and paved bike paths. The difficult level is mildly challenging.

By bus

Try travelling by bus

The stop is located a short way from the entrance to the City of Rocks.


  • 377 direction -> Broumov
  • 640360 direction -> Police nad Metují
  • 371 direction -> Broumov
  • 360 direction -> Police nad Metují