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Frequently asked questions

Are you interested in reserving tickets to the Adršpach Rocks? Or are you unsure whether you can bring a pram on the hiking trails? Here you will find all the answers to our frequently asked questions.

Is it possible to have my wedding ceremony at the Adršpach Rocks?

Yes, you can have your wedding ceremony here for CZK 3,000, which must be paid at the Tourist Information Centre, located next to the entrance gate. For more information, call tel.: 491 586 012 or email:

Is the trail accessible for wheelchair users and prams?

Parts of the trail are not accessible for wheelchair users and prams. You can only go 1 km to The Small Waterfall, where you will need to turn around and go back the same way, as the trail continues up a flight of stairs.

Can I order a tour with a guide?

We offer guide services for groups (more than 20 people) from April to October and are in Czech, English, German and Polish. The guide must be booked in advance by e-mail: The guided tour lasts about an hour. It starts at the entrance gate to the rocks and continues along the green route to the Little Waterfall (1.3 km). The price for providing the service is CZK 400 for groups and CZK 200 for school trips.

Do I need to reserve my tickets to the park beforehand?

For now, tickets cannot be ordered in advance. We are planning on launching a reservation system, however, in January 2021.

Can I pay by card?

Yes, you can pay both in cash and by card at the cashier’s desk.

What are the park’s opening hours?

We are open every day and all year round. The only place we close is the lake (open from April to October, 9:00-17:00 hrs., weather permitting). So, there’s no need to worry you’ll get locked inside the park.

Is it possible to rent a boat and row around the lake in the “sand quarry” behind the entrance to the rocks?

Unfortunately, this will not be possible this year.

Can I bring my dog with me to the rocks?

You can visit the park with your dog; the fee for dogs is CZK 50. The dog must be on its lead at all times within the state natural reserve.

Is there swimming pool in Adršpach?

There is no swimming pool in Adršpach, and swimming in the Sand Quarry is strictly forbidden and runs the risk of violators being fined. The nearest swimming pools are in Teplice nad Metují, Meziměstí and Police nad Metují

When are there fewer visitors in the park?

From November to April (the Low Season), there are significantly fewer visitors in the park, however, the rocks are as beautiful as ever.

Are drones allowed to fly over the park?

Unfortunately, this is not permitted mainly for the reason that the rocks are part of a state nature reserve. You’ll find more information about drones here:

Can a forest ranger check my ID and give me a fine?

Yes, they can. A forest ranger is considered a person in authority and they may issue you a fine if you violate Act No. 114/1992 Coll., On Nature and Regional Protection.

Is there a place to store luggage and bikes?

Yes, the luggage storage and bike room can be found at the train station. They are open from April to October.

How long does the tour of the rocks take?

The hiking trail through the rocks is approx. 3.5 km long and you should plan about 3 hours to walk the entire park.

What does this new project entail?

We are launching a new online version of, including brand new graphics, well-arranged information, and news. On this new website, visitors will be able to purchase tickets and pay for parking online.

What are the advantages of this new system?

The ticket reservation system should break up the number of visitors throughout each day, thus alleviating the number of visitors during the most popular hours. Visitors will then be able to better enjoy their visit with fewer people, and we hope to see positive effects on the local nature as well. The new system should also alleviate traffic. Thanks to the new website and our improved presence on social media, the overall information about the current happenings at the park should improve.

What will the online sale of tickets be like?

Visitors will purchase tickets and pay for parking online on our new website. They will also be able to choose the date and time of their visit to the rocks. Visitors will need to adapt their itinerary to their chosen date.

What will the tickets look like?

Each ticket will contain a special QR code, which is used both to open the entrance gate to the car park and to allow tickets to be easily checked once in the park. Drivers will present the QR code to the ticket reading machine at the entrance to the car park.

Will my ticket be valid for the entire day?

Visitors purchase their ticket for a given hour, e.g. 8:00, and they can enter the park during that one-hour interval, i.e. 8:00-9:00. As soon as the visitors start walking on the main hiking trail, they can spend as much time as they like walking through the rocks.

How should I plan my journey to Adršpach?

  • BY CAR – If visitors are planning on arriving by car, they will need to bear in mind the traffic situation, which we already consider to be less than ideal. We will provide updated information regarding the traffic situation on our website and social media outlets, however, we recommend planning some reserve time in advance. Due to the limited capacity in the car parks, we also recommend paying for parking online. Parking receipts are valid for the entire day.
  • BY TRAIN – We recommend travelling by train. The Adršpach train station is located directly in front of the entrance to the City of Rocks. Visitors will also find an overview of the train connections on our new website.
  • BY BIKE – Several bike paths lead directly to the Adršpach Rocks. Visitors may store their bikes in the bike room located near the entrance to the park. The hiking trail through the rocks is for pedestrians only.